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Heat Pumps in Victoria

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Why is a heat pump the best choice for our climate?

February 13th, 2014


Author - Jordan Owen


BC’s coastal climate creates optimum working temperatures for air-to-air heat pumps, the moderate temperatures allow the heat pump to produce heat efficiently all year round and enable comfortable air conditioning during the hot summer days. Heat pumps also provide more balanced temperatures throughout your home because the are providing a more constant even temperature out of your registers while gas, oil or electric heat are constantly cycling on and off through out the day leaving hot and cold spots in your home. Heat pumps “Now a days” are very quite and have much higher efficiency ratings than what we have seen in the past and the technology is so advance that some heatpumps are able to produce 100% efficiency down to minus 20 degrees Celsius!


How does a heat pump work?


An air to air heat pump works by absorbing heat from the out door air and transferring it through copper piping to an indoor air mover (airhandler or furnace) which then rejects it into your home. When you run your system in air conditioning it does the exact opposite, it absorbs heat from within your home ( through a coil mounted in your airhandler or furnace) and then rejects the heat at the outdoor unit. The process requires much less energy due to the fact that you are just moving heat, were as with other system you have to make the heat.


Why do some reports speak badly about heat pumps and how do you decide which is the right one for you?


Some consumer reports will give heat pumps a bad name saying that maintaining them has cost them a lot of money or that they just don’t work properly. 99% of the time this is due to the installation. When you are choosing a contractor to install your heat pump you must hire a qualified refrigeration company. Plumbing companies and sheet metal companies are known to install heat pumps and often times don’t have the proper training to size or install your system. Air flow is one of the biggest problems found with poorly running systems. It can cause more that just circulation issues (compressor failure, inefficient heating, very noisy systems ect…) so be sure who ever you hire is a ticketed refrigeration mechanic and takes the proper step to size your heat pump.


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