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What Are Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps Victoria BC

What Are Ground Source Heat Pumps?

October 15th, 2014


Author - Jordan Owen


In our last blog post we talked about the benefits of heat pumps for Victoria BC homeowners. Today we are going to answer a common question, what are ground source heat pumps?


This is a question we get asked quite often here at Red Blue Heating and Refrigeration. There are a few different types of heat pumps and ground source is one of the more popular types.

How They Work


Ground source heat pumps are also known as Geothermal or Geoexchange systems. They absorb heat from the earth or bodies of water. They heat your home in the winter and then place it back in the ground during the warm summer months here in Victoria BC.


It works like this thanks to the temperature underground staying at a relatively stable 10C all year long here in Victoria. Ground source heat pumps use a looped pipe system buried in the ground to circulate hot and cold fluid to and from your home’s furnace and/or boiler system.


If you are a visual person, please click on this link to see an image of how ground source heat pumps work.



Here is a good video also explaining how a ground source heat pump works.



Who They Work Best For

Ground source heat pumps are a great option for anyone building a new home. This is because you can lay the underground loop system out well ahead of the irrigation and landscape. Depending on what municipality of the Greater Victoria area you live in and how you plan to use your ground source heat pump will determine the permit and fees. You can find out more here on the Front Counter BC home page.


If you're wanting to install or have more questions about ground source heat pumps in Victoria BC, please contact us as we'd love to help educate you further on ground source heat pumps and their benefits.