Essential Electrical Services

As a locally-owned Victoria-based company, home-owners and parents, we understand the safety of your home can’t be overlooked, which is why we offer electrical services such as whole-home surge protection and electrical panel upgrades to our customers.

Whole-Home Surge Protection

Whole home surge protection is crucial in protecting all of your electrical appliances from power surges.  

Any number of things such as downed power lines or power outages can cause this, and unfortunately, Vancouver Island has a lot of these! 

Unfortunately, power surges are not just a worry for your computer and can cause significant damage to your appliances or home.

Our team of certified electricians install reliable surge protection which detects incoming surges and reroutes the excess voltage to the ground, ensuring your appliances remain safe. 

hand in electrical panel doing electrical work

Panel Upgrades

When electrical panels become outdated they have the potential to lead to electrical hazards like short-circuits, overloads, or even fire. It may be necessary to upgrade your electrical panel, but not to worry, our technicians will come and have a look free of charge. At RedBlue, our expert technicians will assess your panel’s condition and recommend the best electrical panel upgrade options. We only use high-quality materials and the latest technology to ensure that your electrical panel is safe, efficient, and operates at optimal performance.

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In conclusion, maintaining a safe and efficient electrical system is critical, and our team at RedBlue Heating & Refrigeration is dedicated to providing homeowners in Victoria, BC with the best electrical services available. Our whole-home surge protection and electrical panel upgrade services ensure that you and your home remain safe and in good working order.

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